Annex Burgos, "Confrontación"


Mixed media

13" x 12"

Annex Burgos (New York, 1965)

Multidisciplinary artist who has divided her life and career between New York and Puerto Ric. She earned a BFA from the School of Fine Arts and Design in San Juan and her MFA from Pratt Institute in, New York. She left her imprint in the local arts with two of her public art projects: Favorite fruit in the Santurce Historic Marketplace and Muses, at the access plaza of the Center for Performing Arts, also in Santurce. She addresses themes of social, political and environmental profile as noba, a collaborative entity with her husband, designer and sculptor Néstor Otero. She serves as designer and cultural agent in the design studio they co-head, zalto.multidisciplina y estrategia, as well as in its publishing arm Mandíbula, which looks for alternatives to conventional exhibit design and art publications.

Sold pieces will be available for pickup after November 4th.