Damaris Cruz, "Efecto Doppler"


Medio mixto

12" x 12"


Damaris Cruz (San Juan, 1985)

Known as Damalola, she works the themes of recollection, disuse and memory in images of daily activities of tropical Kitsch, beliefs and traditions of female discourse. She has participated in collective and live painting events, as well as in the local and international mural scene for events such as: Santurce es ley, Culebra es ley, La Campechada, Ponce renace, La Casita/La Kay en Nueva York, Fiesta de colores in Ecuador, Extramuros and Yaucromatic, in Israel. She was part of publicity campaigns such as Lo que somos, for Medalla Light, and Yo puedo, from El Nuevo Día newspaper. She currently works on her ongoing project of murals in old wooden houses, characterized by covering walls with clippings from telephone directories. She uses the pasquín technique, using materials such as plastic bags, cloth, cardboard and wood.

Sold pieces will be available for pickup after November 4th.