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Catrina t-shirt in commemoration of the Day of the Dead

Catrina t-shirt in commemoration of the Day of the Dead

Every year, the Museo de Las Américas hosts its "Noche de Catrinas" at the Cuartel de Ballajá as part of the popular celebration of Día de Muertos. This festive occasion provides a space for visitors to joyfully remember the lives of their loved ones, where physical presence is not necessary for souls to dance together and connect. 

That night, the museum transforms into a captivating display of art, culture and history, paying homage to influential figures from Puerto Rican history, showcasing their contributions and impact on our society. This edition is dedicated to Cecilia Orta, an artist and educator from the town of Carolina, in celebration of her centenary and honoring her devotion to her people through the arts. 

She is the inspiration behind this year's limited edition t-shirt, designed by artist Marlene Hernández and printed locally by G3Arts. Cecilia is presented as a Catrina, but with her trademark turban, pearls and African necklace.

Join the Celebration

Mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the "Noche de Catrinas" at the Museo de Las Américas. Experience the joy, the beauty, and the profound meaning behind this celebration of life and legacy. Come and pay tribute to the remarkable individuals who have shaped Puerto Rican culture and continue to inspire generations to come.


  Drawing by artist Martín García Rivera